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Step #3

Review Questions/KPIs & Submit Entry


  1. Given the tight word-count, you may answer the questions in the form of bullet-points, where applicable.
  2. You are welcome to reference regional vision statements and codes (Links to vision statements and codes)
  3. It is mandatory for you to provide adequate and relevant supporting documents to back your claims. Judges will not accept your claims as facts without evidence. (The words in the supporting documents do not count towards the word-limits stated. However, please attach only those documents that are absolutely relevant, out of respect for the judges and their busy schedule.)
  4. The deadline for submission of entries is Wednesday, 31st of July 2024. (Entries submitted after the deadline will not be considered for evaluation – no exceptions.)
  5. The category, ‘Editor’s Choice Award’ is not based on submission of entries and is strictly based on the discretion of the Editor of Climate Control Middle East.
  6. You will not be required to make a presentation in front of the judges. Instead, you will participate in a Q&A session. The Q&A session has a certain weightage, so forfeiting the privilege of attending the session would mean loss of points that contribute to the total.
  7. Soliciting any favours from judges would lead to immediate dismissal of the submittal or submittals you make.

Any questions?

If you have any questions while preparing your submission, please write to, and a representative of CPI Industry will respond to them within 24 hours, except if a weekend. CPI Industry will compile all questions of a general nature, together with their answers, every 10 days and post them on the Awards Web site, under FAQs.