Presentation to Judges

After submitting your entry successfully, you will be required to make a presentation and participate in a Q&A during an evaluation meeting with the judges, to be held on 29th and 30th October, 2018, at Arjaan by Rotana, Dubai Media City). The judges will only view the PowerPoint Presentation you submit on the 23rd of October, 2018. (Note: The judges will not accept a modified document on the day of the presentation.)

Guidance notes

  1. Your contribution to either one or more of the listed 17 socio-economic or sustainable development targets could have been as a manufacturer (components, equipment, accessories, spare parts, software, bodybuilding of reefer trucks, etc.), consultant, contractor, project manager, ESCO, testing & commissioning firm, testing and certification body, architect, FM firm, building owner, cold storage owner, logistics company, utility, developer or master developer. This list is not exhaustive; if you do not find your specialised field of activity but know you are contributing either directly or indirectly to the above-mentioned examples, we strongly recommend you apply to be evaluated.
  2. Your contributions could have been in the form of innovations (with inherent R&D initiatives), technological and business best practices, technological and business (market) transformations or education-related initiatives that have empowered your human resources or external stakeholders to optimise their performance, leading to solutions related to either one or more of the listed 16 socio-economic or sustainable development targets.
  3. Broadly speaking, solutions could include greater energy efficiency, reliability, safety, cost effectiveness (reduction in first cost and opex without compromising on quality).
  4. When it comes to presenting in front of the judges, it should be noted that if a product or service is entered for more than one category, the judges will expect that each presentation will have a specific focus associated with the category in which it is entered.
  5. Please DO NOT present a sales pitch; the judges are not interested.

Your essay will be evaluated on how well you cover the following four requirements, with each allocated a certain weightage in the overall marking scheme…

  1. Adherence to the question asked of you. The requirement is to relevantly write on the most important contribution and not on multiple contributions. You will not earn extra points for stating additional contributions.
  2. And do provide ample evidence (in the form of documents, which you may attach) to support the veracity of your statements. It is up to you to arrive at what you need to present as relevant evidence to convince the panel of judges. No one would know better than you as to what you must provide, so we leave that to you. (Note: The words in the supporting documents will not be counted towards the 500-1,000 word-limit.)
  3. What ‘beyond the call of duty’ measures have you taken to meet the objectives of socio-economic and sustainable development goals in the Middle East region to protect, enhance and enrich the lives of people and planet. To state it differently, ‘Have you gone beyond the requirement of the country or region you operate in, because you believed those additional elements you incorporated in your product, design or installation approach were crucial to enhancing fire safety, energy efficiency or IEQ, to name just three virtues?
  4. What market transformation, if any, have you introduced to bring about a profound improvement in the quality of living?
  5. Please state briefly why you believe you should win the Award? What have you done that can be characterised as extraordinary to merit winning the coveted CCA trophy?