Awards Overview

Dear Colleagues:

It has been a steady objective of the Climate Control Awards to serve as a reliable barometer of the progress of the HVACR industry – in intent, thought and action. The Awards go far beyond the pomp and ceremony; the underlying philosophy has always been to question what the mission-critical industry is doing to contribute to regional and global socio-economic and sustainable development goals.

In other words, the ideals that underpin the Awards exercise are inextricably linked to the question: What are the public and the private sectors doing to promote, foster, protect and preserve an environment conducive to comfort, good health, happiness, safety and security?

This year, in consultation with the judges, we have modified the application form to provide you greater ease in preparing and submitting your entries, but their expectation that you rigorously apply high ideals in your work is as high as ever.

Additionally, we have a new evaluation process, where besides submitting your entry, you will be expected to make a presentation in front of the judges and be prepared to answer their questions, if any. The objective behind the new approach is that you are judged not just on the quality and nature of your submission but also on your ability to present specific and additional layers of your work, which an interactive approach usually permits.

With Best Wishes,

B Surendar
Editorial Director & Associate Publisher, CPI Industry