Your essay will be evaluated on how well you (as an organisation, individual, project or service) cover the following three KPIs, with each allocated a certain weightage in the overall marking scheme…

1) Adherence to the question asked of you. The requirement is to relevantly write on the most important contribution, or contributions, in terms of the stated 18 SOCIO-ECONOMIC OR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT TARGETS.

And do provide ample evidence (in the form of documents, which you may attach) to support the veracity of your statements. It is up to you to arrive at what you need to present as relevant evidence to convince the panel of judges. No one would know better than you as to what you must provide, so we leave that to you. (Note: The words in the supporting documents will not be counted towards the 500-1,000 word-limit.)

2) Consistency of performance. What steps have you taken to achieve consistency of performance as an individual or as an organisation that has resulted in contributing to one or more of the 18 SOCIO-ECONOMIC OR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT TARGETS? The consistency of performance is in performing your role as consultant, contractor, FM professional, etc., in getting your products and services into the market and also in ensuring your organisation’s financial stability and business continuity, irrespective of the influence of external factors, including possible global economic headwinds or the persistent COVID-19 pandemic? If you are a manufacturer or supplier (distributor, channel partner), for instance, the consistency could be in terms of ensuring the continuity of your supply chain (the steady stream of raw materials for production or assembly, and/or the equally steady stream of finished products to clients). If you are a consultant, to cite another instance, the consistency could be in terms of being able to provide design, specification and supervisory services. In all instances, consistency depends on such virtues, or measures, as vision, adaptability, agility and risk management, to name four.

3) Please state briefly why you believe you should win the Award? What have you done that can be characterised as extraordinary/beyond-the-call-of-duty/market-transforming to merit winning the coveted CCA trophy?

Any questions?

If you have any questions while preparing your submission, please write to awards@cpi-industry.com, and a representative of CPI Industry will respond to them within 24 hours, except if a weekend. CPI Industry will compile all questions of a general nature, together with their answers, every 10 days and post them on the Awards Web site, under FAQs.