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Inside Out – Part 1

Starting this week, for as long as it reasonably takes till the deadline, I shall do my utmost to explain the submission details of Climate Control Awards 2018. This is an extraordinary and unprecedented measure aimed at demystifying the submission process. | Read more »

Inside Out – Part 2

This week, I shall speak on the issues in the context of Climate Control Awards 2018, while discussing the framework. | Read more »

Inside Out – Part 3

In Part 2 of Inside-Out, I had listed the 17 socio-economic and sustainable development targets you need to base your essay on towards submitting an entry for Climate Control Awards 2018. | Read more »

Inside Out – Part 4

In Part 3, I had elaborated on how you could frame your entry – primarily speaking, write the essay – in as comprehensive, relevant and accurate a manner as possible. | Read more »

Inside Out – Part 5

Today, I shall be discussing how the judges will be evaluating your essay, including the need for you to meet four evaluation requirements. | Read more »

Inside Out – Part 6

A key objective while drafting the entry form for this year’s Climate Control Awards was to ensure ease of submission. | Read more »

Inside Out – Part 7

The quality of submissions to the Climate Control Awards has vastly improved over the years. That said, a common observation by members of the jury is that many firms send product brochures in response to some of the questions, when the expectation is for something specific and precise. | Read more »