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Dear Colleagues:

The quality of submissions to the Climate Control Awards has vastly improved over the years. That said, a common observation by members of the jury is that many firms send product brochures in response to some of the questions, when the expectation is for something specific and precise. (At this juncture, I would like to clarify that it is perfectly acceptable to send brochures as supporting evidence for any claims you might make; the issue is with receiving brochures as answers to specific questions.)

While there may be merit in sending the brochures, considering they are rich in technical specifications, the nature of the questions – especially in this year’s entry form – is intended to draw out an answer that reflects an organisation’s commitment to addressing socio-economic and sustainable development targets.

Without exception, the judges are looking for answers that best match the spirit of the questions. Answers that either lack clarity or expect the judges to draw a conclusion from the contents of a brochure will not find so willing a reception. While it is true that judges still take the lenient route of reading the brochures, the consensus among them is that they are running out of patience, so it would help for you to pay more attention to how you submit your entry.

And for this, you may want to carefully consider the composition of the team that sits to prepare the entry for submission. So far, if purely a function of the marketing department, you may want to include senior-level technical personnel in the discussions, so they can give insights and precise details and make specific observations.

The quality of your written submission will likely influence the quality of your presentation in front of the judges, so if your answers are precise and specific, so will your presentation be. Through submitting a brochure, your presentation may appear like a sales pitch, whereas precise details and specific observations may elevate your presentation to a leadership status, where your intent and implementation strategies and measures shine through.