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Dear Colleagues:

A key objective while drafting the entry form for this year’s Climate Control Awards was to ensure ease of submission. And out of that came the requirement that you write a single essay by referencing any one or more of 17 socio-economic and sustainable development targets (click here to access the targets).

Another objective was to ensure a reasonable measure of inclusiveness. And that prompted the move to pencil in the 17th target, titled as ‘Other’. It is intended to give you the freedom to choose an area probably not covered in the preceding 16 targets, which are either directly or indirectly reflected in various regional and international vision documents. If you feel your effort is more aligned to a cause not mentioned in the preceding 16, you are welcome to base your essay on the cause, as long as it is related to socio-economic or sustainable development, and it benefitted – or has the potential to benefit – through the intervention of the HVACR industry. There is a plethora of well-meaning documents, including the UN’s sustainable development goals, the Paris climate change targets and the World Health Organization’s Global Targets 2025, to name just three; you are welcome to reference any of them in your essay.

The judges are looking for intent and specific action you might have taken to help the world become a better place. They are looking to see how you have transcended commercial concerns or boundaries, despite the tugs and pulls of complex social, political and economic mechanisms at work. It is no longer acceptable to take cover behind fiscal cycles that typically trouble businesses, or to cite them as reasons for procrastinating on action aimed at serving a higher cause. The firms and individuals worthy of winning the coveted Climate Control Awards trophy are those that address existential issues and, at the same time, sparkle with initiatives and measures for the betterment of society, be they those that are large and imposing or those where the sum of all the parts – one small action at a time – result in palpable change.

In the next part, I shall discuss who ideally ought to be involved in submitting an entry.