Frequently Asked Questions

Whom do we contact to receive clarification?

Please send your queries to awards@cpi-industry.com. Do allow us time to get back to you, considering that we are moderated by a third-party auditing firm, which might like to evaluate a particular answer to ensure that no applicant even inadvertently gets an unfair advantage. Also, please do bear in mind that for the very same reason, we simply might not be able to answer some of the questions.

May we apply to multiple categories?

Yes, of course, you may do so. If your company is a manufacturer of air-treatment systems as well as air-movement systems, you are at liberty to apply for the two categories pertaining to the products.

Can we send multiple entries to a category?

No, you cannot do so, except for the categories, ‘Manufacturer of the Year (Standalone DX, including VRF)’ and Dominic DeSousa Innovation of the Year.

While applying, are we limited to the products specified in the scope of each of the categories?

No, the products listed in the scope are merely indicative in nature. For instance, in the category, ‘Manufacturer of the Year (air-treatment)’, you may be a manufacturer of products besides FCUs, AHUs, air filters, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, air purifiers, kitchen air extract systems, ecology units, odour removal and smoke removal. Please check with us, if in doubt by writing to awards@cpi-industry.com.

What is the deadline for submissions?

The deadline is Monday, August 9 - 2021 at 6pm (Gulf Standard Time, which is GMT+4) for submitting your entry or entries.

May we fill the form over a period of time, as opposed to at one go?

Yes, you may. We have a user-friendly electronic format, which allows you to fill the application form in an intermittent manner – it allows you to save whatever you have entered. On registering, you will receive a unique set of access details, which you may use to gain access to the submission form any number of times. You can register and have time till Monday, August 9 - 2021 at 6pm (Gulf Standard Time, which is GMT+4), to submit your entry or entries. During this period, you may make any number of changes to your submission form. Please note, the access to the form is limited to Monday, August 9 - 2021 at 6pm (Gulf Standard Time, which is GMT+4). Since the form is electronic in nature, the form will automatically cease to be accessible from 6.01pm (UAE time, GMT+4). It is, therefore, in your best interests to start the submission process early and allow sufficient time for review. We recommend that you do not wait till the last day to submit your entry or entries.

May we send our entry/entries now and, later, make amendments?

No, you may not. We, therefore, urge you not to press the Submit button (in the form), till you are absolutely sure you are fully ready to send in your entry. Once you press the Submit button, you will not be able to make any changes, whatsoever. Also note, you will not be permitted to fill the form again from the beginning – we shall not accept a duplicate entry for the same category. The onus is on you to ensure you are fully satisfied with your answers and the supporting evidence before pressing the Submit button.

Where are the requirements for applying to the category, “Editor’s Choice Award”?

The requirements are not available in the public domain. We are not inviting submission of entries to the category. The winner(s) will be selected by the Editor of Climate Control Middle East magazine, who will apply his judgement and, if required, consult expertise. The whole process will be monitored by a third-party auditing firm.

My products are manufactured in North America and are supplied to the Middle East, among other regions. Am I eligible to send in an entry?

Yes, you may send in an entry. The fact that you supply to the Middle East market makes you eligible. The rule says that those companies either manufacturing in, or supplying to, the Middle East can send in an entry.

What do the judges seek the most?

While writing the essay, you will do well to remember that the judges want to see relevant answers to the questions, and for you to substantiate – with documentary evidence – every claim you might choose to make. Similarly, they expect to watch a relevant presentation during the evaluation session.

I noticed that you have changed the submission process, this year.

Yes, that’s correct. While in the past, we asked you to send answers to multiple questions (in the form of KPIs), this time around, we ask you to submit a 500-1,000-word essay, with accompanying documentary evidence. (You may attach a maximum of 5 files, with each not more than 3MB. All attachments may be in either PDF, MS Word or JPG format.) And, along with that, do ensure you send a PowerPoint presentation (either PowerPoint or PDF format), which highlights the key points of the essay. While the process of submission has been simplified, the process of evaluation will be just as rigorous, so you might want to spend considerable time in writing and thoroughly reviewing the essay before pressing the ‘Submit’ button. If you wish to show a video as part of your presentation to judges, it needs to be sent in MP4 format or any other acceptable format, separately. The video format should be close-ended and should not allow modification after the deadline. In other words, no video links will be accepted. Only the jury can play your video during the evaluation session. You will not be allowed to play the video from your end.

What will the judges do with the PowerPoint (or PDF) presentation document?

While the judges will go through the 500-1,000-word essay, they would also like to e-meet you in a virtual platform (Zoom), for you to present the key points in your essay. We have resorted to establishing an e-platform this year, owing to the pandemic.

Presentation to the judges will be on 23 and 24 August, 2021. The presentation schedule for your company shall be communicated to you a week before the virtual jury evaluation. We urge you to keep your calendar as free as possible, then.

Note: CPI Industry has instituted the evaluation session – this year, as mentioned earlier, on the 27th and the 28th of October – to give you an opportunity to highlight key points and to answer any questions the judges might have in their efforts to seek greater clarity on your submissions. While participating in the evaluation is not mandatory, it is in your interest to make use of the opportunity to bolster your submission, if you wish so. When viewed from that perspective, the session enjoys near-mandatory status.

What if I am based in Saudi Arabia or Spain? Do I have to visit Dubai in person?

No, you don’t have to. This year, all presentations to judges will be through a virtual platform using the Zoom platform.

What is the evaluation of my submission going to be based on?

You will be evaluated on how best you meet the five KPIs (see side-bar on the awards category form), so be sure to keep them in mind while writing the essay.)

The contribution ideally is to be in terms of any one or more of the 18 SOCIO-ECONOMIC OR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT TARGETS (many of which are reflected in various regional and international vision documents, which also you are welcome to reference; click on reference links on http://climatecontrolawards.com/award-categories/).

What is the specific nature of the presentation?

You will be allowed to present a maximum of ten slides, preferably containing information in the form of bullet points. The information you present will be key points from your 500-1,000-word essay. (Please note: The presentation document you submit by the deadline date will be considered as final; you will not be permitted to present an updated presentation on the virtual platform or to make changes to the one you submitted.) The presentation in front of the judges will be for no more than seven minutes, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. Overall, two representatives per application will be permitted to co-present.

While a number of the categories – for example, ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ – encourage us to present about specific products, the KPIs have questions pertaining to the organisation. So, should we speak of the organisation, as well, in the essay?

While the expectation is that you speak about specific products or services and how they contribute to meeting any one or more of the 18 SOCIO-ECONOMIC OR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT TARGETS, the essay will also address the organisation behind the products or services. In fact, KPIs 2, 3 and 4 expect you to speak on the organisation.

I notice that the submission for the category, ‘Young HVACR Engineer of the Year’ does not require making a presentation in front of the judges. I have evidence for some of the statements I am making in the essay we are required to submit, but the evidence is confidential in nature. How can I get this across to the judges? I was hoping to share with them during the presentation, but that avenue does not exist for this category.

Thank you for your question. Yes, it is true that submitting to the category does not require for you to make a presentation in front of the judges. So, we ask you to write a brief note at the end of your essay, clearly stating that you have information or documentary evidence that you are unable to share on grounds of confidentiality and that you are happy and willing to share on request. All that the judges are looking for is clear communication of intent.

How much does it cost to submit an entry for the Climate Control Awards?

It is absolutely free. There is no charge whatsoever for sending in entries. The Climate Control Awards places high value on objectivity and credibility.