Entry Guidelines


  • You are permitted to submit one entry per category, unless otherwise specified.
  • You may apply to as many categories as are relevant to your work.
  • Without exception, you will need to substantiate any claims you make in your entry through submitting documentary evidence.
  • If you have any questions while preparing your submission, do write to awards@cpi-industry.com, and a representative of CPI Industry will respond to them within 24 hours, except if a weekend. CPI Industry will compile all questions of a general nature, and their answers, every 10 days and post them on the Awards Web site, under FAQs.
  • It is mandatory for you to make a presentation in front of the judges for each of the categories you apply to, at a venue, date and time to be specified by CPI Industry. If outside the UAE, CPI Industry will provide tele-conferencing facilities. (No additional opportunities will be provided to make a presentation, so we urge you to block your calendar in advance; the presentation date will be towards the end of October 2017.)
  • Each presentation is for a maximum of seven minutes, followed by three minutes of Q&A.
  • If a PowerPoint presentation, you may present a maximum of seven slides.
  • A maximum of two persons per organisation will be permitted to make the presentation and participate in the subsequent Q&A session.


  • The deadline for submission of entries is 6pm (UAE time, which is GMT+4), on the 23rd of October, 2017. (Entries submitted after the deadline will not be considered for evaluation.)
  • Presentation to the judges will be towards the end of October 2017. The venue, likely to be in Dubai, and the specific dates will be announced towards the end of September 2017.


The judges expect you to submit the following through email by the deadline date.

  • 500-word essay (with documentary evidence, attached)
  • PowerPoint presentation (a maximum of seven slides) containing bullet points that represent key highlights of your essay | refer to sample Presentation Framework.


  • You will be invited to make a seven-minute-long presentation in front of a panel of judges. (For the purpose, the presentation you submitted on or before the deadline date will be considered. The presentation will be in Dubai at a venue, to be announced. A maximum of two representatives per application will be permitted to co-present.)
  • A three-minute Q&A will follow.
  • Subsequent to that, the judges will meet to confer and arrive at the names of shortlisted applications and eventual winners.