The contribution ideally is to be in terms of any one or more of the following 18 SOCIO-ECONOMIC OR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT TARGETS (many of which are reflected in various regional and international vision documents, which also you are welcome to reference):

  1. Helping in the fight against COVID-19 – in containing the spread of the virus through immediately implementable building retrofit and/or HVAC-specific disinfection solutions, or initiating design and installation solutions in New Construction with a long-term view to effectively minimising contamination, keeping future possible pandemics in mind
  2. Mitigating climate change (reducing direct and indirect emissions)
  3. Protecting the ozone layer (reducing direct emissions)
  4. Harnessing clean renewable energy for enhancing building performance and process cooling regimes across multiple sectors (healthcare, hospitality, oil & gas, etc.)
  5. Safeguarding soil, air and water
  6. Providing thermal comfort, indoors or outdoors, without compromising on energy efficiency
  7. Providing acoustical comfort
  8. Providing clean indoor air in specialised areas like underground car parks (protecting from chemical contaminants)
  9. Ensuring food safety
  10. Ensuring and supporting the cause of food security
  11. Ensuring vaccine potency
  12. Ensuring fire and life safety
  13. Supporting healthcare facilities, blood banks and other such entities that need specific and mission-critical climate-controlled environments
  14. Protecting and ensuring the wellbeing of data centres, telecom shelters and the like, in terms of proper cooling and dehumidification and, at the same time, ensuring energy-efficient operation
  15. Providing specific ambient conditions with a view to protecting cultural entities (museums and the artworks, within) and to improving the functionality of printing presses and other specialised facilities.
  16. Enhancing the reliability and cost-effectiveness of process cooling while providing safe and comfortable working conditions to those working in the process cooling industry
  17. Giving specific options and choices to government bodies as they explore and implement projects aimed at national, regional and global development
  18. Other (please specify and elaborate on your contribution towards this socio-economic or sustainable development target)